Clients & the Power of Love

If you don’t feel the love for your clients, why work with them?

I think all my clients are amazing. My relationships with them make me excited, especially when I see them walking with a spring in their step because we have helped them do what they truly want. You have to create an environment where a connection is allowed to happen. 

From the first meeting we create an opportunity for clients to speak and feel what it’s like to be listened to. Sometimes for the first time. We follow the same pattern each time, we ask:

  1. About goals and objectives
  2. Does anything concern them
  3. What they have invested.

We follow where the conversation goes and use encouraging phrases such as “Tell me more.” In vulnerable, complex, high risk situations we may have two planners rather than a paraplanner and a planner. 

We help match people. We see how it goes, who works best with the client.

In a recent situation we had a lady in her 50s whose husband was dying of brain cancer. Two planners attended the meeting with the couple, Neil had better conversations with the wife and I had better conversations with the husband. I was able to talk to him on his own about his concerns for his wife and the things she may worry about. Neil had the same relationship with his wife and now that the husband has passed away, she remains a client of Neil’s. 

We were often working against the clock, it was all time critical and we made ourselves available to go to their home to minimise any stress for our clients. We were entirely focussed on helping to achieve the best outcomes in a tragic and highly emotional situation. 

In happier circumstances, we are helping our clients achieve their dreams such as riding Route 66.

Sometimes people are just looking for permission. We are selling peace of mind, giving knowledge of where clients are at, looking at options and choices. We are a bit like a tour guide and just as people want to share great holiday experiences, they will want to share their experience of our service.

What happens in the background is very process driven

Client files and documentation are standardised. Everything is the same for each client, technology, filing, the service replicated so that we can really focus on our relationship with the client. This works for futureproofing the business. Clients know what to expect and know it won’t change.

They know it doesn’t have to be Gemma

That’s where the team comes in. I don’t want the clients just loving me.

The team lies at the heart of a long-lasting business, it should be able to stand should one fall so clients can be looked after for their lifetime. 

We need to train the next generation to be skilled and able. They are the future. The future lies in the younger team members following in our footsteps and you have to love your team just as much as you love your clients.

Once you give the service clients love you can’t take it away.