Financial Wellbeing in the Workplace: Links to Resources

Here are links to the resources provided by Jason Butler, The Wealthman in his POWER Webinar on Financial Wellbeing in the Workplace.

Jason talks about the great opportunity for Financial Advisers to take a lead in helping business owners, employer and employees. As the webinar was recorded, the horror of the COVID-19 Pandemic was upon us with homeworking the new norm for those not in the front line.

Now more than ever people need help to stay fit and healthy and in control of their own finances. Figures cited show that many employees suffer in silence with money stress and it can detract from a happy work experience.

Here is a list of resources:

The Employer’s Guide to Financial Wellbeing 2019-20, Salary Finance

Find out your financial fitness score in less than five minutes.

10 ways to create a budget for your workplace financial wellbeing strategy.

Dan Sullivan & Strategic Coach

Lifetime cashflow forecast

Free e-books

Make Their Money Count
How to run an Effective Workplace Financial Education Programme. An Employer’s Guide, by Darren Laverty

How to Implement a Financial Wellbeing Programme

The Webinar

Here’s the original webinar.