Financial Planning – Definition and Purpose

“The whole Financial Planning process has made me think about what I really want to do. It has helped me confront myself about what I earn, what I spend and what’s left over. It’s been a really good discipline and has helped me make some key decisions. The cash flow modelling gives a very visual picture of the impact certain actions can have over time. It is very reassuring to have confirmation of my overall financial picture.” Pete Murphy, Financial Planning Client

How much is enough? Financial Planning is one of the most rewarding professions I could have found myself in. Having the power to help people change and enhance their lives is an honour and a privilege. To watch clients leave our office with huge smiles on their faces is reward beyond measure.

Most people seek financial advice and support when they are faced with a life change. For some the change is sudden, for others it is more measured. They may be facing loss or redundancy, approaching retirement or wondering how to handle later life care. They may just need more control of their pensions and investments, ensuring they are working effectively.

Whatever the reason, knowing how much money is enough to maintain a desired lifestyle throughout life is crucial to clients feeling comfort and in control. It is also crucial to clients being able to live their lives they way they want.

Financial Planning takes the guesswork out of what tomorrow looks like Clients wish for uncomplicated, practical financial recommendations that will support their chosen lifestyles.

That’s why, before we talk about money, we take plenty of time to consider a client’s whole situation, their lifestyle needs and their priorities.

It is only once we have a clear understanding of needs, goals and individual concerns our recommendations can be tailored to suit specific clients and specific circumstances.

Our goal is to optimise client outcomes, provide a clear strategy for clients to live the life they want for the rest of their lives without the fear of ever running out of money. We help them by identifying the options available to them and highlight a strategy that will provide them and their family with the peace of mind to do the right things.

Our recommendations are presented in a clear, uncomplicated way and form the basis of your Lifestyle Financial Plan. We work in partnership with clients to put their plans into action effecting the changes identified to turn immediate, medium and longer term objectives into realities.

We then act as a guide, coach and mentor to make sure the plan stays on track. But the plan is not an end in itself: a client living life to the full is.