POWER Webinar: Cashflow Modelling from a Practitioner’s Perspective

Practitioners Graham Ponting, Alasdair Walker, and Ricky Chan, users of Prestwood Truth, Voyant and CashCalc respectively, will share: Why they started using cashflow modelling. How they use it with clients. How they develop their assumptions, and The benefits it has brought to their business. Learning outcomes: Understand how three planners using different software operate cashflow

POWER Financial Planning Webinar: Turn Theory into Practice

60 minutes: 40 minutes presentation, 20 minutes Q&A Neil Parker, CEO, Joslin Rhodes demonstrates how to turn the theory of Lifestyle Financial Planning into a practical and easily repeatable financial advice service. Learning objectives During this webinar you will; Gain a better understanding of the value of lifestyle financial planning Understand how to turn a

POWER Financial Planning Webinar: Future Proof Your Client Review

Most advisers spend most of their time delivering annual reviews to existing clients. If you want to generate more referrals from those review meetings, then they better be good and they better add value. The truth is, there are only two things you need to do at an annual review meeting to blow your client’s

POWER Webinar: Building a Financial Planning Business

How to build a successful Lifestyle Financial Planning business About this webinar This is the story of Joslin Rhodes Lifestyle Financial Planning Limited, told by CEO Neil Parker. Neil talks about: why he has built a career as a Lifestyle Financial Planner; growing revenue from £100K to over £4M using Lifestyle Financial Planning; leading a

POWER Financial Planning Webinar: The Power in your Purpose

When you know your purpose and have a plan to get there, you can walk through brick walls to bring your vision to life. But if you lose your ‘reason why’, it can be hard to drag yourself out of bed every day. If you’re looking for an injection of enthusiasm right now, then this