POWER Webinar: Coaching; driving improved wellbeing for clients

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How to have better conversations with clients using coaching skills to uncover clients’ goals and motivation

Webinar 2: Coaching; driving improved wellbeing for clients

About this webinar

During this 60-minute webinar, we look at coaching and how it can be used to improve clients' understanding of themselves and help uncover their real objectives, allowing you to create more relevant financial plans and enhance your long-term value by becoming a trusted coach.

Learning objectives

During this webinar you will:

  • Understand how to uncover clients’ goals and deeper motivations, and through this help them see more possibilities.
  • Have practical advice and tips on how to build deeper rapport and relationships with your clients, helping them make better decisions.
  • Know how coaching can significantly improve the overall wellbeing of your clients.
  • Be able to use the increased understanding to develop a tailored and appealing financial plan.

Presented by:

  • Chris Budd, Founder and Chairman of Ovation Finance
  • Jan Bowen-Nielsen, Founder and Managing Director of Quiver Management

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