Great Coaching Questions

Image of Chris Budd
By: Chris Budd
Ovation Finance & The Eternal Business Consultancy

During the PFS Power Coaching Webinars that Jan Bowen-Nielsen and I conducted on 28 January 2020, several people asked, “Can you suggest some great questions?” Here are a few thoughts.

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First Contact, First Meeting

Image of Tamsin Caine
By: Tamsin Caine
Director of Financial Planning
Smart Financial

Since discovering Lifestyle Financial Planning, Tamsin Caine has believed in it. It didn’t make it any easier to master. She is sure lots of other Financial Planners feel the same.

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Clients & the Power of Love

Image of Gemma Siddle
By: Gemma Siddle
Eldon Financial Planning

If you don’t feel the love for your clients, why work with them? By Gemma Siddle.

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Embracing new technology

Image of Anthony Villis
By: Anthony Villis
Managing Partner
First Wealth

Technology will be transformational in making Financial Planning more accessible than ever before. By Anthony Villis.

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Job Satisfaction, Wellbeing & Genuine Joy

Image of Julie Lord
By: Julie Lord
Chief Executive
Magenta Financial Planning

To be certain your business is futureproof, you have to predict the future and put plans in place to meet the demands put upon you indefinitely. By Julie Lord.

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Piercing the Surface

Image of Natalie Wright
By: Natalie Wright

Developing a Financial Planning proposition can seem like a huge undertaking. But if your focus is already on achieving good outcomes for clients, you have the core foundations already in place. By Natalie Wright.

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