Building Deeper Financial Advisory Relationships with Women

Dimensional introduced its Women and Wealth community in 2015 in response to the growing interest in this subject from advisors across the globe. We started by asking a simple question: are the financial planning needs of women different?

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Image of David Jones
By: David Jones
Head of UK & Ireland Advisor Group and Vice President, Dimensional Fund Advisors Ltd.

The Practice Manager – Why You Need One

Owners of financial planning firms often approach me when considering hiring a Practice Manager for their firm. Over the years, I notice that those hiring for this role for the first time tend to grapple with the same questions …

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Image of Dominika Sieradzka
By: Dominika Sieradzka
Practice Management Consultant
RIE Solutions

The Six Steps to Selling Your Financial Planning Business

There are things about your business that you don’t know, challenges that lie ahead you cannot foresee. If you are serious about one day selling, you need to start now.

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Image of Chris Budd
By: Chris Budd
Ovation Finance & The Eternal Business Consultancy

I Used To Dream About Being a Farmer, How Did I Discover Financial Planning?

For me, school was tough! If you told me then that I would be dedicating to a life-long career of learning and pursuit of qualifications, I would have run a mile. But this is the thing about the profession, you do exams because you want to.

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Image of Darren Pike
By: Darren Pike
Financial Planner
Clear Cut Financial Planning

Content Marketing

Despite having found his way to success largely by accident, Pete Matthew describes himself as “living proof” that creating content online can lead to great things. Increased turnover, enhanced professional standing and, he believes, it will make you a better adviser.

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Image of Pete Matthew
By: Pete Matthew
Meaningful Money

I Love the First Meeting with a Potential Client

I get to meet someone new and find about who they really are; where they are now and what their dreams and aspirations are for the future. I find the stories of other people inspirational. If we can help them live a bigger future going forward, that’s very exciting

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Image of Matthew Aitchison
By: Matthew Aitchison
Managing Director
Clear Vision Financial Planning