What I Have Learned Since Finding My Niche

Niche means we receive far more enquiries from professional connections, friends, social media and internet searches amongst others.

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Image of Tamsin Caine
By: Tamsin Caine
Director of Financial Planning
Smart Financial, Smart Divorce

Bringing the Next Generation Into Our Profession

How can we bridge the gap between all the companies searching for talent and all the next generation talent desperate to find a career?

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Image of Sarah Elson
By: Sarah Elson
Berry & Oak

It’s Critical We Attract New Talent Into Financial Planning

We must address the demographic imbalance created through decades of a lack of focus in nurturing new financial planning talent.

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Image of Benjamin Beck
By: Benjamin Beck
Financial Adviser Mentorship

Why Succession Planning is Important to Me

We discuss our clients’ goals way before retirement, we should also do it for ourselves. Here is my 10-year succession plan.

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Image of Jane Gow
By: Jane Gow
Clear Cut Financial Planning

Building Your Brand – My Journey

Niching and specialising in divorce was the best thing I ever did and the business has grown significantly ever since. Although at first it was very daunting.

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Image of Lottie Kent
By: Lottie Kent
True Financial Design Ltd

What It Means to Tell a Good Story About Your Business

You don’t just tell your brand story through websites, brochures and advertisements. It’s done through the spoken word too. Aim to do justice to your brand every time you open your mouth.

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Image of Andrew Thorp
By: Andrew Thorp
Speaker, Consultant, Trainer