Building Your Team

The Practice Manager – Why You Need One

Image of Dominika Sieradzka
By: Dominika Sieradzka
Practice Management Consultant
RIE Solutions

Owners of financial planning firms often approach me when considering hiring a Practice Manager for their firm. Over the years, I notice that those hiring for this role for the first time tend to grapple with the same questions …

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Using real life client scenarios is a powerful training strategy

Image of Pippa Oldfield
By: Pippa Oldfield
Senior Paraplanner & Assistant Manager

When I was asked to mentor three future financial planners, I initially found the prospect quite daunting. How would I inspire them?

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Discover the Power of Independent Thinking

Image of Rebecca Timmins
By: Rebecca Timmins
Operations Director
Emery Little

Eight years ago, I was frazzled. I was the person with the answers. I had little time or space to breathe, let alone think!

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Learnings from juggling busy roles

Image of Sarah Elson
By: Sarah Elson
Berry & Oak

The Power of Financial Planning is something I feel really passionate about: seeing clients journey from that initial meeting to designing the life that they’ve always wanted.

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Rethink Your Leadership to Thrive in The ‘New Normal’

Image of David Scarlett
By: David Scarlett
The Soul Millionaire

It’s time to rethink your leadership style; not just yours but the leadership you need to develop and nurture in your team.

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