Client Engagement

Where the Behavioural meets Financial Planning

Image of Natalie Holt
By: Natalie Holt
Content editor
Nucleus Financial Group

It’s at times like this, in Coronavirus Age, when financial wellbeing and resilience become increasingly important. This is Natalie Holt in conversation with Hayley Tink, Smith & Pinching.

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A New Entry into the Financial Lexicon: ‘Financial Wellbeing’

Image of Ruth Sturkey
By: Ruth Sturkey
Client Director – London
Paradigm Norton

I confess, when I started to write this article, I wondered whether ‘financial wellbeing’ was just some new buzz phrase or a phrase worth using.

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Top 10 tips in times of market chaos

Image of Carrie Bendall
By: Carrie Bendall
Business Development Consultant

Learnings from over a decade of working with Financial Planners and talking to their clients. Some thoughts for coaching clients and deeper client conversations.

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Top 10 Tips for Using a Financial Coaching Approach

Image of Chris Budd
By: Chris Budd
Ovation Finance & The Eternal Business Consultancy

Here are Jan Bowen-Nielsen and Chris Budd’s top 10 tips for using a coaching approach to increase client engagement.

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Clients & the Power of Love

Image of Gemma Siddle
By: Gemma Siddle
Eldon Financial Planning

If you don’t feel the love for your clients, why work with them? By Gemma Siddle.

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Let’s pretend you are not here

Image of Kevin Deamer
By: Kevin Deamer
Managing Director & Founder
KMD Private Wealth Management

Kevin Deamer makes a point of rehearsing what happens when the time comes for Executors to complete all the necessary paperwork.

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