Client Engagement

Clients & the Power of Love

Image of Gemma Siddle
By: Gemma Siddle
Eldon Financial Planning

If you don’t feel the love for your clients, why work with them? By Gemma Siddle.

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Let’s pretend you are not here

Image of Kevin Deamer
By: Kevin Deamer
Managing Director & Founder
KMD Private Wealth Management

Kevin Deamer makes a point of rehearsing what happens when the time comes for Executors to complete all the necessary paperwork.

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Deepening Relationships

Image of Amyr Rocha-Lima
By: Amyr Rocha-Lima
Chartered Financial Planner
Holland Hahn & Wills

Retirement planning is a core function of the Financial Planning profession. Amyr Rocha-Lima discusses why our job is not just to help clients accumulate resources but to help them as their coach and cheerleader as another life stage begins.

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Annual Planning Meetings

Image of Garry Hale
By: Garry Hale
Managing Director
HK Wealth

You’ve taken on a new client, given them a great initial Financial Planning experience, followed up with an Annual Planning Meeting and are wondering what now? By Garry Hale.

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Draft Planning Meeting

Image of Steph McDonald
By: Steph McDonald
Chartered Financial Planner

Often meeting number two, the ‘draft’ planning meeting is another time to shine. It’s when life and money come together to show what’s possible.

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The Power of Emotion

Image of Anthony Villis
By: Anthony Villis
Managing Partner
First Wealth

Clients tend to seek advice when big life events come along: selling a business, stopping work, a new business, birth of a child, a new house, ill health, divorce. It’s no surprise that people often have heightened emotions that affect their decisions. Anthony Villis explains.

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