Client Engagement

The Value of Financial Planning in Removing Mental Barriers

Image of Ricky Chan
By: Ricky Chan
IFS Wealth & Pensions

Understand and accept that money is not the end-game, but a mere medium used to ultimately help clients and loved ones towards a better quality of life.

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Where the Behavioural meets Financial Planning

Image of Natalie Holt
By: Natalie Holt
Content editor
Nucleus Financial Group

It’s at times like this, in COVID-19 Age, when financial wellbeing and resilience become increasingly important. This is Natalie Holt in conversation with Hayley Tink, Smith & Pinching.

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A New Entry into the Financial Lexicon: ‘Financial Wellbeing’

Image of Ruth Sturkey
By: Ruth Sturkey
Client Director – London
Paradigm Norton

I confess, when I started to write this article, I wondered whether ‘financial wellbeing’ was just some new buzz phrase or a phrase worth using.

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Top 10 tips in times of market chaos

Image of Carrie Bendall
By: Carrie Bendall
Head of Content

Learnings from over a decade of working with Financial Planners and talking to their clients. Some thoughts for coaching clients and deeper client conversations.

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Top 10 Tips for Using a Financial Coaching Approach

Image of Chris Budd
By: Chris Budd
Ovation Finance & The Eternal Business Consultancy

Here are Jan Bowen-Nielsen and Chris Budd’s top 10 tips for using a coaching approach to increase client engagement.

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Clients & the Power of Love

Image of Gemma Siddle
By: Gemma Siddle
Eldon Financial Planning

If you don’t feel the love for your clients, why work with them? By Gemma Siddle.

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