Client Engagement

Producing a Virtual Event for Clients

Image of Ruth Sturkey
By: Ruth Sturkey
Non Executive Director
Paradigm Norton

Ruth Sturkey shares Paradigm Norton’s experience of planning and producing a virtual event for clients. Having all things backed up is key.

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Three Ways to Market and Promote Cashflow

Image of Martin Bamford
By: Martin Bamford
Bamford Media Ltd

When you’ve seen the benefits of a lifetime cashflow model first hand, it’s a lightbulb moment that immediately convinces you of its power.

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Opportunities to Keep Engaging

Image of Alasdair Walker
By: Alasdair Walker
Managing Director
Handford, Aitkenhead and Walker Ltd

An annual client Review Meeting acts as our formal client touch point each year to review what has happened and what changes need to be made to inform the future.

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Slowly but Surely does it

Image of Damien Rylett
By: Damien Rylett
Brunel Capital Partners

Much has been written about the first meeting with a prospective client. What happens when the prospect decides to proceed?

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The Value of Financial Planning in Removing Mental Barriers

Image of Ricky Chan
By: Ricky Chan
IFS Wealth & Pensions

Understand and accept that money is not the end-game, but a mere medium used to ultimately help clients and loved ones towards a better quality of life.

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Where the Behavioural meets Financial Planning

Image of Natalie Holt
By: Natalie Holt
Content editor
Nucleus Financial Group

It’s at times like this, in COVID-19 Age, when financial wellbeing and resilience become increasingly important. This is Natalie Holt in conversation with Hayley Tink, Smith & Pinching.

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