Definition and Process

The Power of the Back Office

Image of Sian Davies Cole
By: Sian Davies Cole
Plan Works

To insource or to outsource is the most important decision to make. This is the efficient beating heart of your firm now and in the future.

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The Power of Process

Image of Dominika Sieradzka
By: Dominika Sieradzka
Practice Management Consultant
RIE Solutions

Systemise 90% of what you do ensuring that you have the time to customise the remaining 10% that truly matters.

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Focus on what you can control

Image of Duncan Parkes
By: Duncan Parkes
Old Mill Financial Planning

Structuring a Financial Planning business can be difficult. Applying some investment principles can paint an interesting picture. By Duncan Parkes.

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Annual Planning Meetings

Image of Garry Hale
By: Garry Hale
Managing Director
HK Wealth

You’ve taken on a new client, given them a great initial Financial Planning experience, followed up with an Annual Planning Meeting and are wondering what now? By Garry Hale.

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Purposeful Preparation

Image of Damien Rylett
By: Damien Rylett
Brunel Capital Partners

Prior to a first meeting, setting the right expectations in clients’ minds is vital.

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The Client Experience is more than a Six Step Process

Image of Carrie Bendall
By: Carrie Bendall
Head of Content

Broadly speaking, six steps are considered to form the foundation of a Financial Planning process used with clients.

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