Definition and Process

Focus on what you can control

Image of Duncan Parkes
By: Duncan Parkes
Old Mill Financial Planning

Structuring a Financial Planning business can be difficult. Applying some investment principles can paint an interesting picture. By Duncan Parkes.

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Annual Planning Meetings

Image of Garry Hale
By: Garry Hale
Managing Director
HK Wealth

You’ve taken on a new client, given them a great initial Financial Planning experience, followed up with an Annual Planning Meeting and are wondering what now? By Garry Hale.

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Purposeful Preparation

Image of Damien Rylett
By: Damien Rylett
Brunel Capital Partners

Prior to a first meeting, setting the right expectations in clients’ minds is vital.

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The Client Experience

Image of Carrie Bendall
By: Carrie Bendall
Head of Content

Broadly speaking, six steps are considered to form the foundation of a Financial Planning process used with clients.

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Image of Julie Lord
By: Julie Lord
Chief Executive
Magenta Financial Planning

What a Financial Planner does and two client stories that illustrate the value of what Financial Planning can achieve.

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Financial Planning – Definition and Purpose

Image of Adrian Quick
By: Adrian Quick

The whole Financial Planning process has made me think about what I really want to do. It has helped me confront myself about what I earn, what I spend and what’s left over.

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