First Contact

I Love the First Meeting with a Potential Client

Image of Matthew Aitchison
By: Matthew Aitchison
Managing Director
Clear Vision Financial Planning

I get to meet someone new and find about who they really are; where they are now and what their dreams and aspirations are for the future. I find the stories of other people inspirational. If we can help them live a bigger future going forward, that’s very exciting

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Speak in Your Ideal Client’s Language

Image of Nicola Ellis
By: Nicola Ellis
Wellington Wealth

Once you have established your niche and your ideal client, then you need to speak their language, and capture their attention.

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How to Ask Great Questions

Image of Amyr Rocha Lima
By: Amyr Rocha Lima
Chartered Financial Planner
Holland Hahn & Wills

The lesson here is clear: when asking questions, first aim for the heart, as this leads you on a pathway to the soul.

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How We Run First Meetings with Clients

Image of Neil Parker
By: Neil Parker
Joslin Rhodes

29 July 2020

Coaching books for Financial Planners

Image of Jan Bowen-Nielsen
By: Jan Bowen-Nielsen
Coach and Trainer of Coaches
Quiver Management Limited

In the questions and comments raised by some of the 2,000 or so people attending the two PFS Power webinars with Chris Budd and Jan Bowen-Nielsen, there were quite a few requests for us to recommend books about coaching.

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Great Coaching Questions

Image of Chris Budd
By: Chris Budd
Ovation Finance & The Eternal Business Consultancy

During the PFS Power Coaching Webinars that Jan Bowen-Nielsen and I conducted on 28 January 2020, several people asked, “Can you suggest some great questions?” Here are a few thoughts.

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