Purpose & Vision

The Soul Millionaire Journey is Born

Image of David Scarlett
By: David Scarlett
The Soul Millionaire

The Flight of The Soul Millionaire, Chapter 3. A framework emerges that creates empowered people. What’s more surprising is that the same framework improves how leaders behave, how teams excel and how revenue increases.

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Power Talks Purpose, Vision, Values & Culture

Image of Ruth Sturkey
By: Ruth Sturkey
Client Director – London
Paradigm Norton

Our guests gather to talk about the power of clearly defining Purpose, Vision, Values and Culture … Because, says Ruth Sturkey, “If you do, and you weave them together, you create an amazing business that really is a mirror into your soul.” Ruth co-founded and led The Red House Financial Planning firm, which she successfully

Culture in the Workplace

Image of Tommy Watson
By: Tommy Watson
Client Manager
Paradigm Norton Financial Planning Limited

Tommy Watson of Paradigm Norton talks about the major difference culture can have and how spending time and energy on it can really pay off, not just on the team but on clients and the business too.

Is It Time To Re-set?

Image of Brett Davidson
By: Brett Davidson
FP Advance

If you are interested in making your business life better, you will know there are plenty of things you should be doing. But who has got the time? In a busy life it can seem easier to just “Get on with it!” And while there are times when this approach works, eventually you hit a

You Have a Story. And You’re The Hero

Image of David Scarlett
By: David Scarlett
The Soul Millionaire

The Flight of The Soul Millionaire, Chapter 2. Now you discover the ageless model, which underpins almost every story of ordinary folk who embark upon extraordinary journeys …

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The Power of Purpose

Image of David Swanwick
By: David Swanwick
Head of Client Communications for EMEA, VP London

The information on this page is for professional use only. Having explored the key, core components of why financial planning is so valuable to clients in the Dimensional January PFS session, this presentation will explore equally important areas of purpose and vision. While many firms may believe they have a proper mission and value proposition,