Taking control of your ongoing reviews

Image of Sarah Challenor
By: Sarah Challenor
Founder & Director
Adviser Outsourcing

Customer reviews can creep up on you, with dozens needing completion in a matter of days. As a financial adviser, you have a contractual requirement to provide a full financial review to your client.

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Opportunities to Keep Engaging

Image of Alasdair Walker
By: Alasdair Walker
Managing Director
Handford, Aitkenhead and Walker Ltd

An annual client Review Meeting acts as our formal client touch point each year to review what has happened and what changes need to be made to inform the future.

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Slowly but Surely does it

Image of Damien Rylett
By: Damien Rylett
Brunel Capital Partners

Much has been written about the first meeting with a prospective client. What happens when the prospect decides to proceed?

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The Power of Niche

Image of Adam Carolan
By: Adam Carolan
Managing Director

Around five years ago, Adam Carolan noticed a trend in his business: an ageing client base dying or losing capacity and a struggle to engage with the Next Generation.

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Deepening Relationships

Image of Amyr Rocha Lima
By: Amyr Rocha Lima
Chartered Financial Planner
Holland Hahn & Wills

Retirement planning is a core function of the Financial Planning profession. Amyr Rocha-Lima discusses why our job is not just to help clients accumulate resources but to help them as their coach and cheerleader as another life stage begins.

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Annual Planning Meetings

Image of Garry Hale
By: Garry Hale
Managing Director
HK Wealth

You’ve taken on a new client, given them a great initial Financial Planning experience, followed up with an Annual Planning Meeting and are wondering what now? By Garry Hale.

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