Commercials Part 2: Pitching Your Financial Planning Service and Fees and Overcoming Objections

Image of Neil Parker
By: Neil Parker
Joslin Rhodes

Neil explains how to best pitch your Financial Planning service successfully to your clients at your initial consultation. This includes how to package and present your service and how to recognise the different barriers to engagement and overcome them. Learning Objectives Explaining your service and its structure. Pitching your service packages and fees. Navigating obstacles

Power Talks To Practitioners About Fees & Charging

Image of Alasdair Walker
By: Alasdair Walker
Managing Director
Handford, Aitkenhead and Walker Ltd

Flat fees, subscription fees, percentages of assets under management… “It doesn’t matter what you charge… just charge something.” Neil clearly defines three parts to the Lifestyle Financial Planning service Joslin Rhodes provides: Life Coaching, Financial Planning and Financial Advice. He says it’s important to remember that each has a value, and each should have a

The Move to a Full Financial Planning World

Image of Laura Ripley
By: Laura Ripley
Chartered Financial Planner
Handford Aitkenhead & Walker

For many reasons my recent move from an investment focused role to a full financial planning one was quite simply the biggest decision of my career. I wanted to add more value to clients’ lives rather than just measuring financial returns.

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Commercials Part 1: What and How to Charge for Your Financial Planning Service

Image of Neil Parker
By: Neil Parker
Joslin Rhodes

Neil helps you work out what and how to charge for your Financial Planning service and describes the mechanics involved in setting your fees. It is often a sticking point for Financial Advisers but Neil shows how structuring your service offering is key to getting your clients engaged. Learning Objectives Why defining the structure of

Our Experience Moving to a Fixed Fee Structure

Image of Tom Orchard
By: Tom Orchard
Annetts & Orchard

Tom’s 36 year old firm moved to a fixed fee structure a couple of years ago. “I’m not a fixed fee evangelist,” says Tom. “This just felt like the right thing for us, and the right thing for our clients. We’ve still got work to do, we are still transitioning clients over, but the firm is really pleased we made the switch.”

Demonstrating Your Value To Clients

Image of Brett Davidson
By: Brett Davidson
FP Advance

The number one cause of Financial Adviser angst is not being able to understand your value in order to communicate it to clients. Scared of the FCA challenging your fees? It’s about your value. Worried that new clients are not engaging with you? It’s about your value. Think you need to be cheaper to be