Why Financial Planning

I Used To Dream About Being a Farmer, How Did I Discover Financial Planning?

Image of Darren Pike
By: Darren Pike
Financial Planner
Clear Cut Financial Planning

For me, school was tough! If you told me then that I would be dedicating to a life-long career of learning and pursuit of qualifications, I would have run a mile. But this is the thing about the profession, you do exams because you want to.

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The Move to a Full Financial Planning World

Image of Laura Ripley
By: Laura Ripley
Chartered Financial Planner
Handford Aitkenhead & Walker

For many reasons my recent move from an investment focused role to a full financial planning one was quite simply the biggest decision of my career. I wanted to add more value to clients’ lives rather than just measuring financial returns.

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From Physics to Financial Planning

Image of Jessica Geere
By: Jessica Geere
Trainee Financial Planner
Magenta Financial Planning

Growing up, I didn’t have the classic princess stories or anything like that, I had books about the planets and stars. For my 11th birthday I was taken to toys r us and told I could pick anything I liked, and I picked a telescope.

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The Next Generation of Planners

Image of Christopher Abel
By: Christopher Abel
Assistant Financial Planner

The story about how I ended up in Financial Planning is probably similar to most people in the profession: I got there by accident.

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Professional Squash to Professional Services: My Career Change to Financial Planning

Image of Chris Simpson
By: Chris Simpson
Assistant Financial Planner

A younger version of myself wouldn’t have had the confidence for a planning role nor the maturity or empathy to understand a clients financial worries and fears.

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POWER Talks to next gen influencer, next gen client and next gen planner

All our guests are ‘millennials’ in their 30s and sound advocates of the life changing powers of Financial Planning.