These short videos feature Financial Planning Practitioners, Business Coaches and Financial Planning Clients, each demonstrating how Financial Planning has the Power to change both the lives of practitioners and their clients.

Power 5 Minutes

Financial Planning Practitioners share their top of mind thoughts in 5 minute videos. If you would like to add your thoughts either by recording a 5 minute Zoom video or contributing to other areas of this site please contact us or start a conversation by adding a topic in our forum.

The Magic of Cashflow

A Software Provider’s Perspective

WATCH these 20 – 25 minute videos from CashCalc, Dynamic Planner, i4C Technology, Prestwood Truth and Voyant as they share their why and the benefits of using cashflow in conversations with clients. Cashflow turns the intangible into the tangible, increases client engagement and helps to foster life-long happy relationships.

Power at NextGen20

Catch up on the Personal Finance Society POWER stream at the NextGen20 Digital Conference. Seven sessions by Financial Planning Practitioners contributing to 7 hours of CPD in one day.

Financial Adviser Wellbeing

  1. Highlights some examples of the adviser problems she’s come across and how being more mindful of the Five Ways to Wellbeing can help
  2. Encourages the making of a formal plan for The Future You™
  3. Suggests how a more-engaged-you can spread the message of wellbeing.

What matters most

Five Financial Planning Practitioners, Matthew Smith, Simon Glazier, Nigel Barker-Smith, Mark Smith and Austyn Smith, share what matters most to them and the journey they went on with their Financial Planning Business to realise their goals.

Brett Davidson: How to Price your Service Perfectly

The most controversial issue in Financial Planning right now is Pricing. In these five videos (which need to be watched in order), Brett Davidson shows you ‘How To Price Your Service Perfectly’. Be warned; it’s open-minded, inclusive and non-prescriptive. You’ll get to make up your own mind on the best way to charge for you and your business. No lecturing.

Paul Armson: The Concept of Lifestyle Financial Planning

In these five short videos, Paul Armson introduces the concept of Lifestyle Financial Planning.

Mitch Anthony: Life Centred Planning

Mitch Anthony discusses his approach to Life Centred Planning and why deepening your client relationships based on a new type of advisory model could transform your business.

Client Videos

These inspirational videos demonstrate the incredible Power Financial Planning has to change lives.