Power 5

Quick and useful video messages from Financial Planning practitioners.

Culture in the Workplace

Tommy Watson of Paradigm Norton talks about the major difference culture can have and how spending time and energy on it can really pay off, not just on the team but on clients and the business too.

Purpose, Vision, Values, Culture

Ruth Sturkey asks some really big questions and highlights how important it is to find answers to them. Because if you do so, and you weave them together, you create an amazing business that really is a mirror into your soul.

Big Questions versus Little Questions

Neil Parker suggests you have to ask a lot of little questions that may attract a binary answer until you get to the big human question.

Financial Planning brings opportunity

Natalie Wright of Mazars talks to us about why Financial Planning brings benefits to our clients, our businesses and the overall profession.

My Mental Health Experiences in Lockdown

I am the last person to talk openly about my feelings or ask for help. I have never had any previous mental health issues and so was knocked for six when it happened to me.

Self Management and Self Disclosure

Catherine talks about knowing how much to share about ourselves and our own relationship with money in order to harbour trust and connection with clients.

Catherine Morgan