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10:00 am, Wednesday 19th January 2022

The Winning Financial Planning Formula

10:00 am, Tuesday 25th January 2022

Five Themes That Will Be Critical In 2022

10:00 am, Wednesday 2nd February 2022

How to politely screen clients

10:00 am, Tuesday 15th February 2022

How To Get To A Million In Revenue

10:00 am, Wednesday 16th March 2022

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Past Webinars

15th December 2021

Are You Walking Your Talk?

8th December 2021

A Lifetime in Planning: in conversation with George Kinder

1st December 2021

How to build a business to last beyond you

30th November 2021

How to network on LinkedIn – Part 3

19th November 2021

How to make great content on LinkedIn – Part 2

17th November 2021

Applying Effective Communication for Referrals and Business Development

9th November 2021

Finding Your Niche

3rd November 2021

How to make an impactful LinkedIn profile – Part 1

26th October 2021

The Story Behind the Story

22nd October 2021

POWER Talks to Practitioners – How to Grow Your Brand

19th October 2021

Market Yourself Like A Pro

13th October 2021

The Power of a Personal Brand: How to Differentiate Yourself from the Competition

12th October 2021

How to Grow Your Brand on Social Media

29th September 2021

Using the Voice of the Client to Drive Engagement

22nd September 2021

The Most Important Meeting: Building Lasting Client Relationships with Regular Reviews

7th September 2021

Keeping Your Clients On Track

3rd September 2021

POWER Talks to Practitioners – Becoming a B Corp

18th August 2021

B Corp – The Future of Business

11th August 2021

Back of a Napkin Financial Plan Part 2: Using the Matrix Book

3rd August 2021

How to Build Your Perfect Support Team

28th July 2021

Power Talks to Practitioners and Their Clients

20th July 2021

The Payback from Better Client Relationships

14th July 2021

Cutting Through the Noise: ESG and Investor Behaviour

29th June 2021

POWER Talks to Practitioners – Client Advisory Boards

22nd June 2021

Keeping Cashflow Simple

9th June 2021

Back of a Napkin Financial Plan

3rd June 2021

Full Fat Financial Planning Based On Cash Flow Modelling

1st June 2021

How To Make Recommendations Clients will Follow

26th May 2021

POWER Talks To Practitioners About Powering Careers in Financial Planning

25th May 2021

How To Blow Your Clients’ Minds

19th May 2021

Defining Your Financial Planning Service

12th May 2021

Engineering Robust Systems to Deliver Exceptional Client Service

28th April 2021

Power Talks To Practitioners About First Meetings with Clients

20th April 2021

Focus On What The Money Is For

14th April 2021

Structuring Effective Client Communication

7th April 2021

Commercials Part 2: Pitching Your Financial Planning Service and Fees and Overcoming Objections

31st March 2021

Power Talks To Practitioners About Fees & Charging

24th March 2021

Commercials Part 1: What and How to Charge for Your Financial Planning Service

17th March 2021

Demonstrating Your Value To Clients

10th March 2021

The Business of Financial Planning

24th February 2021

Power Talks Purpose, Vision, Values & Culture

16th February 2021

Is It Time To Re-set?

10th February 2021

The Power of Purpose

27th January 2021

POWER Talks to next gen influencer, next gen client and next gen planner

19th January 2021

Why Financial Planning is Good for Your Business

13th January 2021

Financial Planning and the Value of Advice

22nd December 2020

Looking After Your Team Through COVID and Beyond

9th December 2020

How to Win Clients Through Verbal Story Telling

25th November 2020

How to write your story and attract the right audience

24th November 2020

The future is what you make it

18th November 2020

Be Authentically You, in Marketing and Always

11th November 2020

Let’s talk about Financial Planning and Diversity

9th November 2020

Marketing That Works

4th November 2020

Change your Questions, Change Your Life

28th October 2020

Technology: Getting the Basics Right

27th October 2020

Are you Building a Business or Creating a Lifestyle?

21st October 2020

Technology: Add Value To Your Business Simply & Effectively

14th October 2020

Technology: Where Do You Start with Client Relationship Management?

6th October 2020

The Hidden Magic of Behavioural Financial Advice

30th September 2020

How Financial Coaching adds massive value to clients and practitioners

23rd September 2020

How to Create a Successful Merger

16th September 2020

How to create a Financial Planning business that outlasts you

2nd September 2020

Fees, Value & Profit: Getting the Balance Right

26th August 2020

How to Prosper in the Pandemic World

19th August 2020

The Art of Practice Management

12th August 2020

How to Make Cashflow Modelling Assumptions you can Rely On

11th August 2020

Execution Excellence: The key to Business Success

29th July 2020

How We Run First Meetings with Clients

1st July 2020

Cashflow Modelling from a Practitioner’s Perspective

17th June 2020

Lifestyle Financial Planning: Turn Theory into Practice

9th June 2020

Future Proof Your Client Review Service

2nd June 2020

How to Build a Value Proposition Around Your Clients

19th May 2020

Webinar: The Power in your Purpose

12th May 2020

Purpose & Vision: Building a Successful Financial Planning Business

5th May 2020

POWER Webinar: How to Build a Successful Lifestyle Financial Planning Business

7th April 2020

Webinar: Turnaround Your Business, A 5 Point Plan for Getting Things on Track

24th March 2020

Financial Wellbeing in the Workplace: An Opportunity for Financial Advisers

18th March 2020

Financial Wellbeing: help clients be happier, not just wealthier

6th February 2020

Coaching; tips from practitioners who have embedded it in their proposition

28th January 2020

Coaching; a powerful opportunity for advisers

28th January 2020

Coaching; driving improved wellbeing for clients