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    POWER Webinar: Financial Wellbeing; help clients be happier, not just wealthier

    11:00 -12:30

    How to engage clients in valuable conversations about what they want from life rather than what they want for their money.

    About this webinar

    In this 60-minute webinar including a 15-minute Q&A, Julie Lord and Chris Budd explore what Financial Wellbeing means. They present the theory of Financial Wellbeing, share research that has been built up over the years and demonstrate the value that can be added to client relationships by moving the conversation from creating wealth to creating happiness.

    Learning objectives

    During this webinar you will:

    • Learn what the term ‘Financial Wellbeing’ means
    • Learn how Financial Wellbeing interacts with other core elements of Wellbeing
    • Understand how to feel confident talking about happiness rather than money as part of your Financial Planning Relationship
    • Receive practical advice and tips on how to improve clients’ wellbeing.

    Presented by:

    • Julie Lord, Magenta Financial Planning, PFS Financial Planning Practitioner Panel
    • Chris Budd, The Eternal Business Consultancy, Initiative of Financial Wellbeing

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    Quiver Webinar: Coaching the heart of financial advice

    16:00 -17:30

    In this series of six webinar sessions you will learn some core coaching skills and how you can apply these in your financial advisory practice to

    1. Improve your client conversations
    2. Understand your clients better
    3. Improve your service delivery
    4. Help your clients achieve financial wellbeing
    5. Convert more prospective clients
    6. Create a prosperous practice based on long-term client relationships.

    The live sessions started in January 2020, but they are recorded so you can still catch-up on the first sessions and join the live webinars in March.

    £149.00 +VAT

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    POWER Webinar: Wellbeing in the workplace: an opportunity for Financial Advisers

    11:00 -12:30

    How to expand your service to help employees from any type of business be financially healthier and happier, without having a detrimental impact on your existing Financial Planning business. 

    About this webinar

    In this 60-minute webinar including a 15-minute Q&A, Jason Butler explores the what, why and how of financial wellbeing at work. He will outline the threat to businesses of financial ill-health and the different opportunities for the provision of financial advice to different groups of people at work. Jason will also demonstrate the added value you can bring to business owner clients.

    Learning objectives

    During this webinar you will:

    • Learn the five levels of financial wellbeing and the distinct challenges, needs and issues that affect people at each level
    • Gain an understanding of the link between mental health and money, and the impact that this can have on a business’s bottom line
    • Develop an awareness of the different ways that employers can support the financial wellbeing of their people
    • Receive practical advice and tips how you can incorporate workplace financial wellbeing support and services into your overall service proposition.

    Presented by:

    Jason Butler, Speaker, Author, Financial Wellbeing Expert and ex-Financial Adviser of 25 years.

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    CII Morning Event: Wellbeing, Everything is Possible

    09:00 -13:00

    In this IIL Inclusion & Diversity event Phil Toogood will use the mediums of neuroscience, mindfulness and eastern philosophy, including practical exercises and audience interaction, to take delegates to the gateway of mind and body mastery.

    The course content covers:

    • Stepping out of our comfort zone
    • Managing stress, pressure and anxiety
    • Overcoming fear of rejection and failure
    • Boosting self-belief and self-esteem
    • Negative thinking and overthinking
    • The power of the mind
    • Our brains at work
    • Self-control and core strength
    • Optimum mental fitness
    • Personal productivity
    • Achieving our goals
    • Outstanding leadership

    By the end of this event members will have gained an insight into:

    • Managing stress, pressure and anxiety
    • Optimising mental fitness
    • Improving personal productivity

    PLEASE NOTE: tickets for this event are £50 and non-refundable, but substitutions can be made in certain circumstances.

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