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Alasdair Walker

Managing Director

Chartered Financial Planner

Handford, Aitkenhead and Walker Ltd

Rearsby, Leicestershire

Handford Aitkenhead and Walker Ltd is a boutique firm of Chartered Financial Planners in rural Leicestershire who won “small firm of the year” at the 2019 Money Marketing Awards.

I joined the Financial Planning profession in 2011 and I’m now an award-winning Chartered Financial Planner. I hold accreditations as a Retirement Planning Specialist and a Later Life Advice Specialist with the Personal Finance Society.

I have overseen the development of a ‘Financial Planning-first’ model at HA&W, and believe the Financial Planning process holds immense value for clients. This business development has included incrementally changing the client review process to focus on the planning issues rather than performance.

I joined the PFS Financial Planning Practitioner Panel because my mum always said to me, “Whatever you take part in, try to leave it in a better state than when you found it.” I’m trying to live that advice now.

Financial Planning has the power to change lives because:

  • It provides clarity
  • It shows clients a strategic overview that is so rarely seen … working ‘on’ your life, rather than working ‘in’ your life.
  • It encourages you to consider what is important to you, and focus your resources on that.

Content by Alasdair Walker

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Opportunities to Keep Engaging

An annual client Review Meeting acts as our formal client touch point each year to review what has happened and what changes need to be made to inform the future.

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Use of coaching

Having recently undertaken a business coaching certification, Alasdair Walker found one of the benefits was an opportunity to reflect on his interaction with clients, particularly in the first meeting. Alasdair talks about a resulting change of approach mixing coaching skills with fact find.

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