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Andy Hart

Founder & Financial Adviser

Maven Adviser, Humans Under Management, Maven Money Podcast


I started Mavin Adviser in 2017 to satisfy my passion for simplifying the complex. I love nothing more than helping families make the right financial and life decisions. At its core this means telling it as it is, the whole unvarnished truth, and having a complete focus on what’s important. I try to articulate that here, in ‘The Hidden Magic of Behavioural Financial Advice’. I immerse myself in the lives of clients to create a plan that will help them live a life free from financial worry and one that copes with life’s inevitable ups and downs.

In the same year, I established Humans Under Management a behavioural financial advice brand. We’ve hosted conferences in Dublin, South Africa and London. We’ve now adapted the conferences into a virtual format … available everywhere!

My hope with HUM is to promote, highlight and build on the work that great advisers are doing in developing their behavioural financial advice practices. For me, this is like seeing colour television, when the rest of the profession is still in black and white. This isn’t a fad or a phase; behavioural financial advice is here to stay.

Individually it’s hard to make an impact but by joining together we can.

Join me at my next Humans Under Management conference.