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Anthony Villis

Managing Partner


First Wealth

London, W1

As managing director of First Wealth, I’m responsible for company vision and culture, marketing, tech and helping the Financial Planners shine.

I joined the PFS Financial Planning Practitioner Panel to help people on their journey to be the best Financial Planners possible and to inspire the next generation of super planners not just to help change clients’ lives, but their own lives too.

The power of Financial Planning comes from providing a framework for people to consider what matters most in their life so that they can build a plan towards it.

I also want to shine a light on and call out poor financial advice practice which can change people’s lives in a negative way.

Content by Anthony Villis

Branding Your Financial Planning Business

By Anthony Villis, Managing Director, First Wealth.

Embracing new technology

Technology will be transformational in making Financial Planning more accessible than ever before. By Anthony Villis.

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The Power of Emotion

Clients tend to seek advice when big life events come along: selling a business, stopping work, a new business, birth of a child, a new house, ill health, divorce. It’s no surprise that people often have heightened emotions that affect their decisions. Anthony Villis explains.

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The Power to Change Lives

Anthony Villis talks about adopting a Lifestyle Financial Planning approach in 2014, and his firm, First Wealth, hasn’t looked back. "It’s brought energy to our business and helped change people's lives in a positive way."

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