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Financial Adviser Mentorship

I am the founder of the financial adviser mentorship group ‘FAM’ which helps second careerists and new-entrants get a foot in the door in this fantastic profession. Through this work I have met some fantastic people and mentor individuals to understand what financial planning is all about.


I still have a lot to learn so I’m excited to join the Panel which has a wealth of experience to draw from. I hope to have a positive impact as part of the panel to continue the great work PFS POWER is doing.

During my time on the Panel I hope to help generate content and develop webinars which are useful for the wider profession and perhaps inspires to further modernise and change.

Financial Planning:

Financial Planning is for everyone, it doesn’t always mean investing vast amounts of money. By having a long-term plan in place and remain consistent, one is more likely to achieve a positive outcome.

I think of financial planning like fitness. One needs to continuously exercise throughout your life to stay in good health.

Content by Benjamin Beck

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