Brendan O’Ciobhain

Managing Director

Chartered Financial Planner

Phoenix Wealth Management

London, EC2

My role within my firm is running the Client Management part of the business. I still actively work with and advise clients and work a lot in the pre-retirement stage where people often struggle with that mental shift from earning money to just spending it. So Financial Planning really comes into its own helping them understand what it is they want to do with their retirement and how we can make it happen. The other area of Financial Planning I do a lot of work in is intermediating between parents in the late stage of their life and their adult children, where the parents are concerned about how their inheritance, which took them a lifetime to build is going to be treated by their children whilst their children feel very awkward talking about money in this way. Helping families to have really good open conversations is an absolute key part of Financial Planning.

I got involved with the PFS Financial Planning Practitioner Panel because I felt that the scope of real Financial Planning is not necessarily fully understood and I am always keen for our profession to expand their knowledge and skills to continue to place us in that space as the Trusted Adviser. Financial Planning in that sense is something that is not done by solicitors or accountants and gives us a unique role in the lives of our clients.

Financial Planning changes lives.

  • It can make clients feel more comfortable with their money and allow them to enjoy it.
  • Money can be a taboo subject and Financial Planning gives people space and time to have discussions that they find difficult to have anywhere else.
  • Money is one of the biggest causes of arguments and stress – imagine having the ability to remove that stress from an individual, a couple, a family.