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Rated one of the Top 50 Most Influential People in UK financial services on three occasions by Professional Adviser magazine.

I ran my own Financial Planning business for 14 years in Australia, taking it from:

  • An old-model insurance business…
  • To a new-model Financial Planning business…
  • Right through to a personal sale and exit

​I’ve worked it from A to Z, and since 2004 as a business consultant to advisers in the UK, I’ve helped many of them do it too.

I help Financial Planners take the headache out of running a business, so that they can get back to doing what they love; looking after their clients.

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When you work with FP Advance you work with me, Brett Davidson, directly. I practice what I preach. I’m straight talking and get to the heart of an issue quickly. There’s no beating about the bush, just a focus on helping things improve.

Ask my clients – what I teach works.

Content by Brett Davidson

Are You Walking Your Talk?

In this webinar, Brett Davidson shows you how to improve your own wellbeing, whilst looking after your clients and making a bigger impact.

Why Financial Planning is Good for Your Business

If you are running a Financial Planning business model, the opportunities have never been better. Aligning your business to a fee based Financial Planning service, provides a host of benefits for you and your clients. It’s the most profitable, fun and resilient way to conduct business.

Video Meetings Just Changed Your World

Respected journalist, the publisher of Inside Information and the godfather of US Financial Planning, Bob Veres, wrote about four years ago that the biggest disruptor in financial services might just be video conferencing technology.

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