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I discovered the wonderful world of Financial Planning in 2008. I’ve worked with over 30 Financial Planning firms over the years since then, helping them discover their own unique personalities and focus.

This focus, more often than not, leads to business development plans centred around communication with existing clients. I often say, “Let me have 10 to 20 of your clients to talk to and I will find some magic.” I’ve now had nearly 700 conversations with clients of Financial Planning firms. Not only has each one been an absolute privilege to conduct, each one has come with some golden nugget that the firms can use as they strive to be the best they can be.

Of course, delighted clients lead to referrals. Clients who know you want referrals lead to referrals. Clients who know how to refer you lead to referrals. They can also lead to the creation of another powerful tool: The Client Advisory Board. Put one of those in place and you will never look back.

I was delighted to be asked to join the Personal Finance Society’s Financial Planning Initiative in 2017, particularly as part of my role would be to interview clients of Financial Planning firms. That was when the word POWER came into play. Each client would talk about the power financial planning has to change lives. And in deed, how it had changed their lives with their Financial Planner guiding the way.

Now, as content curator for this amazing PFS POWER website, I get to talk to more Financial Planners than ever before. Each happy to give back and share their experiences with those beginning their journeys in Financial Planning. Each happy knowing that through Financial Planning they can help change their clients lives and, by spreading the word amongst as many financial advice professionals as possible, affect more lives.

A huge thank you to all the Financial Planning practitioner contributors to this website so far. I must also shout out a thank you to the teams and business consultants who support these incredible human beings. They also supply great content.

Let’s spread the Power of Financial Planning message to as many humans as we can. Let’s make this a profession that everyone is talking about.

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Content by Carrie Bendall

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