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Charlotte Wood


Chartered Financial Planner

Rosewood Financial Planning

South-East Essex

I have been in Financial Services since (quite literally) the day after I finished sixth form. I fell into a Financial Advice firm twelve years ago, having absolutely no idea what Financial Advice even was and quickly fell in love with the work involved. If you’d told 17 year old me, struggling through a Maths A-level, that I would have ended up in a career with numbers, I would have laughed hysterically! But here I am, a decade later, and have never been more passionate about the Profession.

Having worked in various formats over the years, I made the decision to start my own practice (under a network) in late 2019 whilst simultaneously starting a family. A large part of this decision was a need to have complete autonomy, both to explore the direction I wanted my abilities and learning as a Financial Adviser to go, but also to build a progressive business invested in the future of Financial Planning.

I am working hard and investing heavily into my professional and business development, which includes evolving into a lifestyle financial planning practice and embracing financial coaching skills. Although I am an experienced Adviser, I am new to the world of business development and having the opportunity to learn from new people and resources.

Working part-time around a young family has had it’s challenges but I am currently taking the opportunity to lay the foundations for a solid, efficient and modern financial planning practice, with the view to expand when my children are of school age.

I also run a large Facebook community specifically for Women in Financial Advice (creatively titled ‘Women in Financial Advice Community’- feel free to join us!) Having been frustrated with working in male dominated environments my entire career, I felt it was important to create a space for women to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences. For me, it’s basically a virtual office with lots of support, no judgement and importantly, no football banter!

To me, Financial Planning is removing the focus from product sales and things I now recognise as being much less important than I was taught: investment solutions, cost of products, providers etc, although still valid considerations, are not reasons to drive financial advice.

Instead, Financial Planning to me is placing the focus back on the client and helping them to achieve their best lives as soon as possible, and planning their money around that goal. It has led to me having much deeper and more meaningful conversations, and financial advice is almost a ‘sidebar’ to the real work of financial planning.

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