Chris Budd


Ovation Finance & The Eternal Business Consultancy

I founded Financial Planning practice Ovation Finance Ltd. I sold a majority of Ovation to an Employee Ownership Trust in 2018, and now help other businesses do the same through the Eternal Business Consultancy.

I have been advocating the use of coaching skills by advisers for many years, and recently founded the new institute for advisers, the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing.

I achieved my Diploma in Business Coaching through Jan Bowen-Nielsen’s business, Quiver Management.

Content by Chris Budd

Using Principles of Financial Wellbeing to Interact with Clients

We are in unprecedented times. Your clients want to hear from you more than ever and not necessarily about their investments.

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Top 10 Tips for Using a Financial Coaching Approach

Here are Jan Bowen-Nielsen and Chris Budd’s top 10 tips for using a coaching approach to increase client engagement.

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Great Coaching Questions

During the PFS Power Coaching Webinars that Jan Bowen-Nielsen and I conducted on 28 January 2020, several people asked, “Can you suggest some great questions?” Here are a few thoughts.

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Types of Coaching

In financial advice, two types of coaching have been rising in prominence over recent years: ‘pure’ coaching, and financial coaching. Although they share a name, there are differences. Chris Budd explains.

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The Stethoscope and the Importance of Coaching

The stethoscope was a great leap forward for medicine. Find out how the story of it shines a light on Financial Planning.

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