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Christopher Abel

Assistant Financial Planner



I have spent the last four years training to be a Financial Planner, working alongside a Senior Planner to gain the qualifications and skills I need to be part of the next generation of Financial Planners at Mazars.

Now I am in a client facing role, I am looking forward to working with private clients and business owners in order to understand their situation, help them identify their real financial objectives and then focus on building a robust financial plan to ensure these needs are met, both now and on an ongoing basis throughout their lifetimes.

Financial Planning is a fulfilling career; however, it has in the past received a lot of negative publicity because of actions and events that have largely focused on products or funds and not on the clients. This is why I’m passionate about setting a good example to others in the profession, to help clients gain a better understanding of their options and to give them confidence to make decisions, so they ultimately achieve their own financial independence.

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The Next Generation of Planners

The story about how I ended up in Financial Planning is probably similar to most people in the profession: I got there by accident.

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