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“What brings no benefit to the hive, brings none to the bee”
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 6.54

I was delighted to be appointed Chair of the Personal Finance Society POWER Financial Planning Practitioner Panel this September 2020.

I have big shoes to fill, in the exceptional Sharon Sutton, who was instrumental in establishing the Panel and driving it forward in its first three years. My personal thanks goes to Sharon for her passion, enthusiasm and commitment to the panel and our profession.

It never ceases to amaze me how generous those within our profession are.

I have witnessed generosity and benefited from it on numerous occasions throughout my career. When I was just starting out in the late 1990’s and then again in 2011 when I embarked on my own project. The number of people who were willing to share, help and guide has had a huge impact on who I am and my business today. There are simply too many to mention. Nobody ever refused to take a call or respond to a message despite being extremely busy.

It is for this reason I decided to get involved with the PFS POWER Panel. For years I had been involved with the Institute of Financial Planning in some capacity but I was just a mere youngster then. It is now that I believe I actually have something to give back to the profession that has been so good to me. I will never forget the kindness offered to me by others at various points along my adventure.

The PFS POWER Panel is the perfect medium to give back.

The Panel’s aim is to produce great content to help others get better at what they do with the aim of delivering great outcomes for our clients or future clients.

No matter where you are on your journey, whether you are just starting out, making a change or transition or in the twilight of your career, there is something for you to help you become the best financial planner or financial adviser, leader or business owner, coach or manager that you can be.

Like me, many in this profession fell into it and have never had any formal training in business, leadership, communication skills. Most of this stuff is learnt on the job or from others by simply observing. Our aim is to create something that allows you learn in your own way and at your own speed. Everyone is different.

I also recognise that there are many different ways to skin a cat (apparently) and for that reason the aim of the panel is not to preach and tell you how to do it as it very much depends on your situation and what you are trying to achieve. Everything that we share has worked for someone though and therefore it may work for someone else.

Our promise is to keep the quality high.

The POWER Panel is packed full of passionate, high quality individuals from a range of backgrounds in our profession. We all hold one thing in common. We all understand that Financial Planning has ‘The Power to Change Lives’.

It’s changed mine and we want it to change others.


My Bio

I am CEO of two Financial Planning firms and deliver Financial Planning and mentoring and lead the two firm’s Financial Planning teams.

I joined the PFS POWER Financial Planning Practitioner Panel in September 2017 to make a difference and to help promote and spread the message that Financial Planning is the best way of facilitating financial and investment advice.

A Financial Planner removes the guesswork and helps answer the big questions. They ensure that things get done by giving clients a clear plan of action and hold them to account. They also ensure clients stay on track and do not get derailed by events or emotions.

I established the Financial Planning Training Academy in July 2017 with my good friend, Steve Martin and I believe this desire to help and serve others runs through the veins of our profession. It’s in our DNA.

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