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Damien Rylett


Chartered Financial Planner

Brunel Capital Partners


I am CEO of two Financial Planning firms and deliver Financial Planning and mentoring and lead the two firm’s Financial Planning teams.

I joined the PFS Financial Planning Practitioner Panel to make a difference and to help promote and spread the message that Financial Planning is the best way of facilitating financial and investment advice.

A Financial Planner removes the guesswork and helps answer the big questions. They ensure that things get done by giving clients a clear plan of action and hold them to account. They also ensure clients stay on track and do not get derailed by events or emotions.

Content by Damien Rylett

Slowly but Surely does it

Much has been written about the first meeting with a prospective client. What happens when the prospect decides to proceed?

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Purposeful Preparation

Prior to a first meeting, setting the right expectations in clients’ minds is vital.

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