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Dominika Sieradzka-MacCuirc

Practice Management Consultant

RIE Solutions

Dominika is an insightful Practice Management Consultant, who works with financial planning firms that want to make a difference, as well as run great businesses. In 2018 she founded RIE Solutions, which helps firms master practice management, offers operational guidance and mentorship.

Since joining the Financial Services industry in 2003, Dominika has helped countless organisations innovate their business practices. Dominika draws on her experience and knowledge from both her Business & Psychology degrees to give the consultancy a unique perspective. Working in partnership with her clients, she’s able to support the development and implementation of best practice solutions at firms nationwide. This helps to create great businesses that people love to work for.

Content by Dominika Sieradzka-MacCuirc

The Practice Manager – Why You Need One

Owners of financial planning firms often approach me when considering hiring a Practice Manager for their firm. Over the years, I notice that those hiring for this role for the first time tend to grapple with the same questions ...

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The Art of Practice Management

Every Financial Planning firm needs a Practice Manager. Running a firm means having to manage operations, HR, IT, compliance, client services, marketing, finance and emotions to name but a few.

The Power of Process

Systemise 90% of what you do ensuring that you have the time to customise the remaining 10% that truly matters.

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