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Duncan Parkes


FPFS, IMC, Chartered Financial Planner

Old Mill Financial Planning


Alongside my compliance role, I also spend a lot of time developing the Financial Planning proposition within Old Mill. I believe that advances in investment management and technology will fundamentally change how we deliver Financial Planning over the next few years and I am very interested in the creation of a proposition that will capture these opportunities.

I joined the PFS Financial Planning Practitioner Panel as I strongly believe that delivering a good quality Financial Planning service can fundamentally change people’s lives for the better. Many of the true benefits of Financial Planning are intangible and I hope the work of the Panel will help Financial Planners develop the skills to articulate and deliver these intangible benefits.

Financial Planning can give clients three core benefits:

Peace of Mind, Freedom and Opportunity.

Peace of Mind in terms of knowing someone is looking after their affairs and the reassurance that ‘everything is going to be ok’; Freedom in that they have time to focus on other things and the leave the Financial Planning side of their lives to us; Opportunity in terms of empowering them to follow their dreams and do the things they have always wanted to and visit the places they have always wanted to visit.

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