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Jane Gow

Chartered Financial Planner

Clear Cut Financial Planning

Cheshire, Manchester, Wirral

My day job still involves meeting with clients, this is the best and most rewarding part of Financial Planning. I am involved with the higher net worth clients and more complex planning scenarios. We work in client teams where day to day client responsibility is handed over to the next generation of Financial Planners.

In my role, as the sole business owner, I am transitioning four established Financial Planners over the next 5 – 10 years to retirement. They want to be confident their clients will be in safe and capable hands with the next generation of great Financial Planners. This involves building trust, teams, and competencies in a safe environment with everyone feeling valued and part of an amazing culture, all in a great place to work.

I left working for a bank following the birth of my fourth child 15 years ago and started my own Financial Planning business with no clients and a recently purchased laptop. The following year I qualified as a Chartered Financial Planner. I am the now the sole owner of a busines that manages £200M with a team of 17.

As Financial Planners we can see a long way into the future, I now have a responsibility of transitioning over 400 clients to the next generation of Financial Planners. In the last seven years we have employed a graduate trainee every year.  They are all Diploma qualified and some only a few exams off being Chartered Financial Planners, it’s an exciting time for both generations. Although I always say Financial Planning is much more than passing exams, this is an essential part of the journey to being a great Financial Planner. The planning has begun we now work in client teams, a Senior Financial Planner is responsible for the strategic delivery of the financial plan and Associate Financial Planner responsible of the day to day client delivery.

I’ve also set up a leadership team of next generation Financial Planners to not only take over the responsibility of advising clients they will also take over running the business. I’m trying hard to make myself redundant!

I joined the PFS POWER Panel for three reasons:

  • I’d like in the final decade of running my business to pass on and share my experience of building a Financial Planning business.
  • I’d like to encourage other firms to recruit graduates as they are our next generation of great Financial Planners.
  • I’d like to see more women entering the profession and becoming Financial Planners.

The POWER of Financial Planning means to me:

  • Helping clients see the ‘bigger picture’ so they can achieve their retirement goals, bucket list and legacy planning
  • Keeping clients at the heart of everything we do building relationships, educating and appreciating how lucky we are to work in such a privileged position
  • Following their journey and watching how their planning becomes a reality. Helping and supporting them when they get stuck or have a dilemma or catastrophe.

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