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Nick Lincoln


Values to Vision Financial Planning


Nick started Values to Vision in 2008 with a view to offering full-fact financial planning to all new clients, no exceptions, not ever. He knows the greatest value a modern, empathetic adviser offers is in behavioural coaching. Firstly, in persuading clients to do those things they have to do to secure a viable financial future for themselves and, secondly, being on hand to stop clients from blowing up their financial plans by behaving inappropriately. “Everything else is noise,” he says “and there’s far too much of that!”

Trenchant in his views, Nick is one of the more outspoken personalities in the financial planning profession. His business is a lifestyle one. “I once tried working 30 hours in a week and came out in a rash. There are already enough busy fools in this sector. It doesn’t need another one”.

Nick enjoys his work and is grateful for the life/work balance it gives him. However, he believes those who are “passionate” about financial planning probably had a difficult time making friends at school.