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Rob Schwarz

Founder & Financial Planner


Finova Money


I am determined to change the perception of our profession through excellent financial planning. There is an out-of-date view on not only our profession, but on the financial services industry as a whole, which doesn’t acknowledge the incredibly positive impact we have on our clients lives every single day. Excellent financial planning goes beyond the numbers. The team and I talk to clients about family, goals, futures, events, and our job is to make money work for their individual lives.

I believe we are way past the days of focusing solely on financial return. Our clients are entrepreneurs, highly respected professionals, and disruptive retirees, but more importantly they are parents, children, partners, and carers. A lot of our clients are responsible investors, they care more about the legacy they leave behind than ever before.

I am excited to be part of the collective at PFS Power who are changing the narrative and making a difference through the Power of Financial Planning.


Content by Rob Schwarz

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