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Rob Tedder

Client Cashflow Solutions Manager

i4C Cashflow Modelling Software

Fourteen years of paraplanning experience gives me an understanding of the inner workings of wealth management from an administration and more technical perspective.

I have lived and breathed the development of i4C cashflow modelling software from an initial spreadsheet to the powerful application you see today. I’ve seen first-hand the enhancements it can add to a firm’s core proposition, from both a client and business value perspective.

I’m passionate about cashflow modelling and the benefits it can provide, and also the process of educating firms to use cashflow live and interactively with clients drawing on my own experience to demonstrate how this can be done.

I believe in lifetime financial planning, having seen the transformational impact it can have on both clients and businesses.


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Reap the Rewards of Cashflow Modelling

Cashflow modelling demonstrates the value you add to a client and you can stress test market movement on a client's longterm financial plan.

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