Ruth Sturkey

Client Director – London

CFPTM Chartered MCSI, FPFS, Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Financial Planner

Paradigm Norton

London, EC1

Following the merger of my firm, The Red House, with Paradigm Norton in December 2017, my role now is to help grow and develop our client experience and our talented team. This includes helping our Financial Planners plan for client meetings and developing, sometimes complex, planning strategies which can be communicated to our clients in a digestible and actionable way.

My role also includes me spending time with other great Financial Planning practitioners to help grow and develop our profession both internally and for the society we serve. I have been an active member of the Personal Finance Society over the years as a Chartered Champion and a speaker at various events.

Joining the PFS Financial Planning Practitioner Panel was a natural progression to help increase awareness of the great work we do for clients and society and to help other Financial Advisers and Planners with their business and personal development.

I believe Financial Planning using cashflow brings money to life for clients by giving meaning and understanding of the actions needed (save more, spend more, take investment risk, take less investment risk etc) and opportunities available (a new home, deposit for the kids, retire sooner, set up own business, travel more etc).

Financial Planning identifies risks, which can then be solved or an active decision taken to ‘live with’ the risk. For exampls, the need for life insurance which can be life(style) saving for the family in the event of the death of the breadwinner; the risk of holding a concentrated equity portfolio which could wipe out a family’s wealth in adverse trading or market conditions; the risk of inactivity meaning a life of potential hardship in retirement.

  • Financial Planning can identify opportunities to ‘enjoy’ life more by:
  • Providing ‘peace of mind’ for example feeling organised, in control, having a ‘Plan’
  • Knowing the surviving partner/spouse/family will be looked after
  • Bringing meaning to money.

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