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Sharon Sutton

Managing Director

Chartered Financial Planner

Thornton Chartered Financial Planning

Douglas, Isle of Man

I believe Financial Planning is the most important profession of the 21st Century. I also believe it’s the best job on the planet.

Why? Because people will talk to us about their money. They are unlikely to talk about it in such detail to anyone else: it is often a secret and the very last taboo. And yet, money is the most powerful and pervasive secular force on the planet.

This entails a huge responsibility for us as Financial Planners.

You will remember from your exam text books that money is defined as a means of exchange, a tool of accounting or a holder of value. However, these books don’t tell you (yet) about how money affects people and their behaviours in both emotional and illogical ways, typically anchored to their earliest memories about money and how it was growing up.

Macro-economists have up until now ignored the fact that money is a man-made invention so, we humans have no natural instinct about how to deal with it. They have also ignored the individual and that is who we deal with as personal finance professionals.

Our mission and purpose are to help individuals and their families manage their personal relationships with money and the fearsome forces it generates. Income inequality and negative market volatility headlines might sell the news but the area of income sufficiency is where we as Financial Planners can comment on readily and really add value as we shape conversations to figure out what our clients really want.

We know our relationship with money is at the base of every human activity. It has to do with social justice. It has to do with being able to feed, house and clothe a world with seven billion human beings in it. It is the best self-organising force yet invented; enabling us, for the most part, to get along in a peaceful, productive way.

Ultimately, we sell peace of mind through a process that can develop a unique, rewarding and therefore invaluable experience for each and every client we have the privilege to serve.

The delivery of such value in an empathetic and authentic way will earn us the right to a role as trusted adviser to our clients.

But we don’t always have all the answers and knowing we don’t makes us stronger for it as we seek answers out for our clients. I am confident you will find some of these answers in POWER content.

Content by Sharon Sutton