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Sian Davies Cole


Chartered Paraplanner

Plan Works

I joined the financial services industry in 2006 working for a high street bank, which is where I found financial planning and eventually paraplanning. They supported me in completing the level 4 and level 6 diplomas with the LIBF. However, the options for progression became limited at that point and I decided to move into the world of paraplanning with independent financial advice firms.

Having spent a number of years working in independent financial advice firms I felt that the time had come for me to enter the world of outsourced paraplanning and I partnered up with Nathan Fryer to join Plan Works in September 2020.

In my opinion, paraplanning works best as a collaboration between Financial Planner and Paraplanner and having a strong awareness of the skills and personalities involved in both roles is key.

I’m really interested in pure financial planning – coaching to really understand a client’s motivations and objectives, cashflow to understand how on track they are to achieve their goals and recommendations to ensure that those objectives and goals are met. I do not believe that paraplanning is an absolute route into becoming a financial planner, however I still havent ruled this out for myself … yet!

I’m passionate about the client always being central to the advice and I keep them in my focus to ensure the advice is in their best interests, easy for them to understand and aligned with their personal and financial goals.

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