Inspiring Leaders 10: Matt Smith

David Scarlett, The Soul Millionaire, talks to Matt Smith, Buckingham Gate Chartered Financial Planners.

What to listen out for:

  • The conscious approach that unifies a team, especially in times of stress and crisis.
  • Four guidelines to communicating with your team, so that you’re not guessing what’s really going on in their minds and hearts.
  • Why proactive leaders have questioned and tested their business and personal priorities during 2020.
  • The leadership quality that allows treasured assumptions and traditions to be challenged … and blown clean out of the water.

Key learning points

  • How we can improve our leadership role in the lives of our clients.
  • Why the assumption that leaders can go back to the Old Normal is neither realistic nor helpful.
  • The character component that is more important than any business strategy.
  • Why the leadership science called “Culture” must be at the core of your business if you’re to survive future external challenges.