Inspiring Leaders 3: Chris Budd Part Two

David Scarlett, The Soul Millionaire, talks to Chris Budd, Chairman of Ovation Finance, Founder of The Eternal Business Consultancy and Founder of The Initiative for Financial Wellbeing.

Key learning points:

  • How to harness the brilliant creative thinking of your team, by shutting up and getting out of their way.
  • The empirical evidence that shows that leaders who do all the thinking and all the talking for their firms, actually put the brakes on the firm’s development.
  • The three skills that are the minimum baseline for leadership in any industry or profession, particularly the Financial Planning profession.
  • How to hold both you and your business accountable for its innovation, it’s excellence, it’s fulfilling culture, and its commercial performance.
  • How to create a business which delivers happiness and joy for your clients and for your team.

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