Inspiring Leaders 9: Jo Little

David Scarlett, The Soul Millionaire, talks to Jo Little, Chartered Financial Planner, gifted coach and CEO, Emery Little

What to listen out for:

  • What you must face up to to, in order to transition from competent technician to effective leader
  • The single greatest determinant of leadership success
  • How to motivate your team to different thinking and behaviour, so that each person can rise to excellence
  • The power in knowing how to consciously design and create an inspiring culture. And the high risks in letting culture happen by accident.

Key learning points

  • A catalytic question that a leader can use to enhance the thinking of their team
  • How to engage the team in making complexity change to beautifully simplicity
  • When and how to start developing the future leaders of your team
  • Three qualities of great and inspiring leadership.