Power Podcast – Episode 1 – Anthony Villis

Here it is, the inaugural episode of the POWER Podcast. Rob Schwarz and Scott Millar are joined by Anthony Villis, co-founder of First Wealth and aspiring triathlete. The Podcast shines a light on the mighty profession of Financial Planning and looks at those affecting positive change.

Rob & Scott talk to the head of their firm. Managing Director, Anthony Villis created First Wealth in 2009 with Director, Rob Caplan just after a financial crisis. Anthony talks about the goal of having great conversations with clients, helping them get from where they are to where they want to be. “Investing,” he says “is a very easy piece of the jigsaw now.”

Anthony talks about a modern, forward thinking business that transcends financial services. Not just a fanastic Financial Planning business that serves clients well but a fantastic business. Achieving B Corp certification is a key part of this.

There aren’t many careers where you need such a wide range of skills to be a really good financial planner. You’ve got to be a people person, charismatic, an entrepreneur, and you’ve got to understand economics, maths, coaching, the psychology of money.

For people who have helped along the way, Anthony mentions Paul Armson and Mitch Anthony having significant impact on the way First Wealth does things.
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