Power Podcast – Episode 3 – Neil Parker

Rob Schwarz and Scott Millar are joined by Neil Parker founder of Joslin Rhodes Lifestyle Financial Planning and the PlanHappy Financial Planning Academy.

PFS Power · PFS Power Podcast – Episode 3 – Neil Parker

After discussing the pros and cons of life in a pandemic, Neil talks about how he ‘fell into’ Financial Planning. He started working in hotels from kitchen porter to chef and then changed direction by qualifying and working as a civil engineer for a number of years. When Neil was ready to start a business himself, the costs to start an engineering firm were too high to tackle. That’s when he ‘managed to blag into Royal London’ and sat his Financial Planning Certificate and spent some time in insurance. Overtime he realised he was becoming Financial Planner and coach to the individuals and families he was meeting.

Some years later, Neil came across Paul Armson and heard the words ‘Lifestyle Financial Planning’ for the first time. It was then he knew he could apply everything he’d learned about the vital role of processes in hospitality and engineering to the world of financial advice. He began building a process to ensure that ‘every client that came in got the same fantastic service’.

Having built a strong process and management team at Joslin Rhodes, Neil is no longer involved in the day to day operations. He’s now enjoying the PlanHappy Financial Academy and sharing what he has built with other Financial Planners.

Bringing all of his experience and wisdom together into one piece of advice for other financial advisers? Neil says you have to go on your own Financial Planning journey but not be insular about it. Get out and look at all the great reasources out there:

Brett Davidson @brettdavidson
Paul Armson @InspiredAdviser
Andy Hart @MavenAdviser
Michelle Hoskin @littlemisswoww

And there are many, many more awesome people out there!
Enjoy the podcast, you can contact Neil here neil.parker@joslinrhodes.co.uk