Power Podcast – Episode 4 – Damien Rylett

Rob Schwarz and Scott Millar are joined by Damien Rylett, Managing Director of Brunel Capital Partners and wearer of multiple hats.

PFS Power · PFS Power Podcast – Episode 4 – Damien Rylett

After qualifying in Chemistry and not wanting to work in the chemical industry, Damien took the first job that was offered to him at his rugby club … processing annuities at Standard Life. He spent the first decade of the 2000s in financial advice and became hooked on Financial Planning. Damien co-founded Brunel Capital Partners in 2011, IronBright Investment Management in 2017 and, in the same year, the Financial Planning Training Academy. Damien is current Chair of the Power Panel and a Rugby Coach.

When talking about the challenge faced by many financial advisers with first meetings, Damien says, “Unfortunately it’s ingrained into us that we want to fix problems, we want to problem solve. We need to move away from being problem solvers to people movers at the end of the day. What we do [as Financial Planners] is about emotions. The questions we ask and how we lead a meeting is all about pulling on emotional strings …

“Stephen Covey said, ‘seek first to understand before being understood’. You’ve got to give someone the time and the space to let you know what’s happening in their world and what they’re trying to achieve before you even try and help them. But it’s almost as if we, which we’ve traditionally tried to do the reverse and in financial advice.”

Damien shines a light on the good work being done at First Wealth and Paradigm Norton.