Power Podcast – Episode 8 – Rohan Sivajoti

Rob Schwarz and Scott Millar are joined by Rohan Sivajoti, Director & Head of Innovation at NextGen Planners.

PFS Power · PFS Power Podcast – Episode 8 – Rohan Sivajoti

Rob & Scott’s Show Notes

Rohan … what a lovely bloke, definitely the nicest guy in financial planning. So far on this Podcast, he’s the only person we’ve spoken to that studied financial services at uni, but openly admits that he didn’t really get anything from it. There’s a gap there between where people can access this stuff as an education and how that actually translates into what we, what we actually do.

Next Gen is a massive, massive thing. The importance of getting the new generation and promoting good practice. POWER is doing something similar in that it’s promoting good practice, but Next Gen, and especially the Blastoff programme where it’s deliberately designed to help new startups, startup businesses is good.

We loved what Rohan said about not aspiring to be like lawyers or accountants or in medicine, because they’re just professions where you have to go to, whereas we’re ones that are chosen. So, we’re in a really privileged position.

Rohan is massively driven to get up in the morning to just do better and to help people where he can. That’s obviously why he’s as successful as he is and, and happy to spend time and energy with us.

The bit about the diversity inclusion and inclusion was a really interesting point and we probably could have touched on that for a little bit longer, but, Rohan’s view is that you’ve got to set a benchmark from have representation in the role so that potential clients will look up to these firms and see that they are being represented and will feel more willing to get financial advice there.  Rather than meet with a white middle-aged male, who’s got no interest in them whatsoever. If you were looking for a move now, would you approach a firm that was full of middle-aged, white men? It just doesn’t represent what we should be doing now. Rohan’s point around tokenism and doing it for the right reasons, not just because it’s to hit a quota was a good point as well, doing it because it’s the right thing to do.

A big shout out to Pete Matthew @PeteMatthew

This was good.