POWER Content Editorial Policy

POWER objectives and intended audience

PFS POWER is a Personal Finance Society initiative aimed at helping to improve consumer outcomes through supporting practitioners to develop holistic financial planning skills. The initiative is guided by a Practitioner Panel, to help professional financial advisers (and those operating in associated and supporting roles) develop essential skills through the sharing of experience and good practice.  

Website and content purpose

The pfspower.org website is maintained as a dedicated hub for POWER content. Content plans are created in consultation with Financial Planning Practitioner Panel members and executed and delivered by the executive of the Personal Finance Society, supported by practitioners, external consultants, and partners, where appropriate.

Sourcing and approving content

In consultation with the Practitioner Panel, content is sourced from subject matter specialists and experienced financial planning practitioners (including those who support the financial planning process or are responsible for the operational and/or strategic leadership of financial planning firms). All content is approved by the editorial team, taking into consideration the intended scope and purpose of content plans.

The Personal Finance Society seeks to present content in an impartial and balanced way for development and educational purposes and strives to keep the editorial decision-making processes for content completely separate from any commercial interests. This will extend to partner sourced and/or delivered content which will be generic in nature and not seek to directly promote or influence specific product or service selection.

The Personal Finance Society does not necessarily endorse the views, opinions or suggestions contained in the content hosted on this website.