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Dimensional has worked with financial advisers around the world for over 30 years. We want to build deep, working relationships with advisers who share our desire to pursue better financial outcomes for their clients. We believe that client-focused advice and efficient, value-added access to the capital markets can be a successful combination for both advisers and their clients.

Our relationships with advisers begins with investments and extends to other key areas of an adviser’s business and messaging needs, with the aim of helping advisers enhance their clients’ experience. Dimensional is delighted to help to raise the profile of financial planning and to share our insights from the diverse community of adviser businesses we work with globally.

Power Dimensional Resources

1. Why Financial Planning with David Jones

David Booth on the Power of Professional Advice (Video)

Dimensional Founder David Booth shares his perspective on the value of professional advice. In an uncertain world, the right financial adviser can help you determine the best overall investment approach.

10 attributes of Great Financial Advisers

Dimensional has over 30 years’ experience of working with financial advisers, a collaboration that has helped change the way the world thinks about investing. To recognize that impact, we have compiled 30 ways that investors can benefit from the industry’s transformation and consider 10 common attributes of advisers who are focused on delivering a great client experience.

Webinar: Financial Planning and the Value of Advice

The first of twelve monthly PFS POWER Webinars supported by Dimensional Fund Advisers. David Jones discusses why there has never been a more important time to be a financial adviser and what, specifically, advisers can do to build strong client relationships and successful businesses focussing on the value of advice.

2. The Power of Purpose with David Swanwick

Firm Mission, Vision and Values Statements (Practice Points pdf)

In the most recent Dimensional Advisor Benchmark Study, 77% of firms participating indicated they have written Mission, Vision, and Value statements. These materials serve across multiple areas of the business, including developing firm culture, informing the people they wish to be a part of the organization, and the client types for which they most align.

Webinar: The Power of Purpose

While many firms may believe they have a proper mission and value proposition, not all firms spend the time to understand the definitions of these key concepts and how impactful they can be for their business, for existing clients and for attracting new clients. David Swanwick illuminates the power of these critical ideas.

3. The Business of Financial Planning with Blair Anderson

Webinar: The Business of Financial Planning

Drawing on the results of Dimensional’s Global Adviser Benchmarks Study, Blair provides insights into the running of a Financial Planning firm both from the perspective of those transitioning to providing a full Financial Planning service and those currently providing one.

4. Structuring Effective Client Communication with David Swanwick

Webinar: Structuring Effective Client Communications

Having previously explored the significant value that financial advisers can add to the lives of their clients, this session seeks to provide a robust framework around how advisers can communicate their value and answer client questions effectively and clearly.

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