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How do you coach clients?

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In our webinar today (27 May 2020) Neil Parker answered:

You should always take inspiration from the coaching theorists, and there are some great sources of information available. I was looking for a more practical approach that still delivered the same outcomes, as it’s one thing to ask clients a powerful philosophical question, but you don’t always bring clients along with the process to get the answer. You can find yourself asking clients really big questions, getting great answers, but then not really knowing what to do with the answers. That’s what I find happens a lot with financial planners undertaking lifestyle financial planning for the first time. That’s why I developed the booklets and the Lifestyle Financial Planning report, so you capture client responses and present this back to them so that it has relevance and context, and this is what they buy into. Don’t get too hung up on any particular method of coaching. It’s really all about listening, really listening and then active diagnosis. Essentially asking “why” a thousand times and then with every response asking “why” again, really drilling down the responses until you get to a human reason / response. And, you will always get to that emotional, human reason. You normally know you’ve got there as the client will pre-fix their answer with “because I feel”. That’s when you know you have got to the nucleus as you’ve got to the heart of the real issue.