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Getting clients to explain their desired lifestyle  



Do you find it difficult getting clients to explain what their desired lifestyle looks like in the future and how do you address this issue?


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In our webinar today (27 May 2020) Neil Parker answered:

If you say to someone what is their ideal lifestyle for the future, they’ll say they don’t have one or struggle to put some context around the answer. So you have to work really hard with clients to get answers to these questions. One of the first things I learnt, was instead of asking clients what they want in the life, ask them what they would like to remove. And, they’ll have a list which often includes work, stress, money worries etc., so this gives you a starting point and you can sketch these out for clients. I tend to do two sketches, one with what would they like in their lives and one with what they don’t want in their lives. You can they start asking them about what they like to do, what did they do last weekend for example, and until you do this they won’t engage as I’ve found client’s can be worried that what they do is boring, and it isn'’s just everyday life. Not being stressed, just pottering about with everyday life, enjoying Netflix on a Friday night etc. Getting clients to understand that it’s absolutely fine for their lives to look like this, and not big ticket items like buying an expensive car. The client doesn’t realise how easy it is, but by asking the right questions you can get ideas sketched out within 10mins that that answer the “For What?” question. Within the PlanHappy process our planners are given guidance on the key questions to ask, how to follow them up and how to get the clients to answer the questions. It’s monumental when you do this and then ask the client’s if this is what they want their lives to look like, they agree and say yes absolutely you’ve got me. And, they are more excited with their life plan rather than the financial products.