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Taking the conversation to engagement  


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06/02/2020 3:03 pm  

Question from the live webinar that we didn't have time to get around to was: 'The one thing I got stuck with as I was coaching a client and taking them on the FP journey is confirming the next steps and committing to starting. How do you take it from the initial discussion to starting the journey?'

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06/02/2020 3:09 pm  


I confirm to the client what i have heard that they would like to achieve and then agree to send them a bespoke Service and Fee Proposal.  This will confirm their goals/objectives, what we will do, time scales, fees (initial, implementation and ongoing), details of what they will get for their fee and any additional information we need from them.  We offer then the opportunity for a further telephone call/skype or physical meeting to answer any questions.  We then ask them to return our signed Client Engagement Agreement and off we go.

I hope that helps